Voix PR is a electronic music PR agency for artists and record labels

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Do you need to have music email databases for your music industry?

Voix PR provides databases of DJs, producers, record labels, magazines, blogs, radios, TV & film, artists agencies, magazines, promoters and club


Trust us to connect you with a curated network in the music world.


DJs and Producers


+50,000 contacts from DJs and electronic music producers


Record Labels


+24,000 contacts from electronic music record labels


Magazines and Blogs


+2,700 contacts from music magazines and blogs




+488,000 contacts from Soundcloud members worldwide


Music Radios, Movies and TV


+3,700 contacts from music radios, film and TV from all over the world


Promoters and Agencies


+24,000 contacts from promoters, artists and booking agencies worldwide


Clubs and Festivals


+20,000 contacts from nightclubs and festivals worldwide


VIP Cocktails


+20,000 contacts from DJs and producers, record labels, magazines and blogs, radios


Golden Package


+720,000 contacts from record labels, DJs and producers, magazines and blogs, radios, agencies and more

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